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“I thought how funny it was that everybody else was always wrong, but I was never wrong about anything, and it occurred to me: That can’t possibly be right.” 

Students show the lowest levels of enjoyment during learning under the conditions in which they learn the most, and the feeling of confusion turns out to be the best predictor of learning. — Annie Murphy Paul 

A Poem for India

To understand your creative practice, you must examine it.
What questions will you ask? What is your art?
To be free in the minds of others, you will go first.
The mind will open when you are still. 
Be patient with yourself, waiting not in frustration  but waiting until you find the pleasure in waiting.
Practice this.
Throw away your thoughts.
Throw them away again.
This is the beginning.
Let it visit you where you are, do not go find it. 
Your breath is the wind now. 
Notice it and nothing else.
Do not think, what words are in this wind?
You will hear many things but it will sound only like water.
Open your eyes and look around now.
The detail of everything is blinding.
Be still more.
You may find a scent now, you may notice footsteps or a knowing glance from a stranger.
This is the beginning. 
Let it stay with you.
Your heart will race, be still and let it, it is filling you.
Notice the moment you are in. 
This very moment, it is there for you to notice.
Let gratitude wash over you.
This moment will never come again and still it will be forever.
Live your gratitude in service.
Welcome all as one.
Sit still and the world will open all at once.
You are free. 
This is the beginning.
What is this pen but a vehicle of the hand and the hand of the mind?
When your words are no better than a dollar to make sense of the world put your money away and be still. 

Innovation is as much pattern recognition as it is original ideas.

Failure is entirely a matter of attitude.

Sometimes the best question is why are we asking that?

In a world of vast interconnection, extensibility provides scale. Teaching is your knowledge API.

You never really arrive. You are always becoming. You are newer, not older. Your attitude is the antidote. This is emergence. 

Zoom all the way out. Let go of everything for a moment. There is nothing more important than laughing together. This is the space of memories.

Space is personal. Some space shouldn’t be filled. Let it be empty. Leaving space alone lets you continue to think about what to do with it.

The best leaders don’t make you feel like they’re leading, they make you feel like you’re learning.

Great ideas have a simple story. You can’t just have a great idea. You have to tell its story - a simple story. It’s a story others can tell themselves almost immediately in their own words. That simple.

Lead with questions or you’re just reacting.

What Does Your Success Pre-Game Look Like?

A look out the window. The whistling kettle. Quiet reflection. Reading. Coffee or tea. Music. Movement. It’s all pre-game.

There’s more to it but this rough sequence is a blueprint for my morning routine. The repetition. The pattern. It creates the space to think about what I need to accomplish to finish the day where I want to end up. It helps me look into the future, to consider what I’m willing push into tomorrow. 

What’s your pre-game look like? What do you rely on every morning? What’s setting you up for success each new day?

Performing — making something complete through transformation — is considerably more nuanced than mere achievement.